The terrace of this place has become one of the most frequented places in Roma neighborhood, with its stone and marble finishes, wooden benches and tables, abundant planters, attractive offers and a panoramic retractable dome for environmental contingencies.

From Thursday to Saturday, from 22:00, a DJ is in charge of programming the music heard here, with various genres (hip hop, deep house, nu disco, tech house). On Wednesday the place is enlivened by a group of new jazz, alternated with other DJ.

Architecturally, the place is practically an arkwork. And of course, like the aesthetics of the place, people and the environment is also very cool.

Seasonal fruits, spices, classic and innovative liqueurs combine to prepare the creations of the house. One of the hits is the "Jamaica Habanero", with crushed jamaica, a touch of habanero, mezcal, water and sal de gusano. Another is "Fresco Balmori", with basil and macerated cucumber, sweetened and accompanied by mezcal.

To appease hunger, they have a food menu endorsed by the chef Azari Cuenca (from Litoral Restaurant in La Condesa) that offers snacks like oriental edamames, eggplant gratin and grilled artichokes with vinaigrette, asparagus pizzetas with parmesan and the Balmori BBQ ribs.

Currently considered one of the hottest spots in Roma neighborhood opens:


Tuesday to Sunday
1:00 pm to 2:00 am


-Located on the corner of Jalapa and Zacatecas, a few blocks away from La Valise Hotel-


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Don't forget to ask about Balmori to the front desk during your visit, our guests have an special treatment.